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Helpful object tracking hints and tips:

  • If you are tracking a lighted target, it may be helpful to place sunglasses or another type dark filter in front of the lens. This will reduce or eliminate the white light problem caused by overdriving the camera.
  • If you do not want the camera to automatically adjust the white balance, send the following bytes to the system:
    59 13 19 13 0 13 59 13 1 13 128 13 59 13 2 13 128 13
    This sequence will disable automatic adjustment and reset the red and blue color levels to defaults.
  • If you notice skewed or banded images, send the following bytes to the system:
    59 13 32 13 1 13
    This sequence will enable the high current digital drivers.
  • If you have mounted the system on a small robot, bear in mind that the system must have exactly +5V at all times in order to operate properly! If the voltage drops to +4.5V or below, strange things will start to happen.
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