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How to Install the FALCON System on a Digilent Development Board.

  1. Download the Xilinx WebPack. You will need to create an account with Xilinx before their site will allow you to download anything. You can either download the WebInstall or the Single File. The difference is that the WebInstall version only downloads the files you need, and the Single File version has everything needed for a full install--just under 1.5 GB (this will take a fair amount of time to download, even on a fast connection).
  2. Extract the archive you just downloaded, open the folder you extracted it to, and run "setup.exe".
  3. Accept the license agreements, and leave every option at its default until you reach the "Select Installation Options" screen. On this screen, it is safe to deselect "CPLD", "Virtex/VirtexE/Spartan2/Spartan2E", "Spartan3a", "Virtex4", and "Virtex5"; we will not be using any of these boards for FALCON. If you downloaded the WebInstall package, once you click "Next", the installer will connect to the Internet to download the selected components. Both the WebInstall and the Single File packages will take a few minutes to install. The setup will prompt you when it finishes, and you can close it when it is done.
  4. Connect the JTAG programming cable to your Digilent board and start iMPACT (Located in the Start Menu / Xilinx ISE / Tools category). Make sure you have power connected to the Xilinx development board.
  5. Select "Create a New Project" and click Next.
  6. Select "Configure devices using Boundary-Scan (JTAG) and click Finish.
  7. iMPACT will now try to connect to your device.
  8. Click "Cancel" on the first file selection dialog that pops up.
  9. In the second file selection dialog, select the "falcon.mcs" file that you downloaded earlier and click OK.
  10. Right-click on the second chip icon and select "Program"
  11. Enjoy!
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