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The FALCON project was originally concieved and implemented using a DSP in the spring of 2005. An attempt was made to use it in the 2006 FIRST competition, but the game challenge that year did not warrant the use of this system. Shortly after kickoff 2007, it was realized that this system would help with the game challenge, but the original DSP hardware had been discontinued in 2006 and was no longer available. Thus began 4 weeks of re-writing the FALCON's algorithms to run on an FPGA. The porting process was completed with time to spare, and the finished product was incorporated onto Team 1625 (Winnovation)'s robot. The system worked flawlessly at the competitions, and shortly thereafter I decided to release it open-source and started this project in the Spring of 2007.

Hopefully this is just the beginning, I hope to see more people helping with this project and making it even better!

--Timothy Pearson, Project Founder

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